Billed as “America’s Coolest Small Town” Lititiz is just that! Small town living and urban sophistication blend in this community of eclectic shops, beautiful homes, welcoming streets and vibrant businesses.

Established in 1742 by Count Nicholas Ludwig von Zinzendorf, the town was named after a Bohemian Castle, officially adopting the name of Lititiz in 1756. During the American Revolution, George Washington ordered that 250 sick or wounded soldiers be quartered in Lititiz. Later, John Sutter—known for setting off the California Gold rush with his discovery at Sutter’s Mill—lived in Lititiz along with his wife, from 1871 until his death in 1880.

Rich in history that spans centuries, Lititiz is also home to such iconic sites as the Sturgis Pretzel Bakery, Wilbur Chocolate Museum, and the Wolf Sanctuary of Pennsylvania, 80+ acres of natural woodland that provides refuge for displaced wolves and serves as a public educational facility.

The Julius Sturgis Pretzel Bakery was the first commercial bakery in the U.S. Today, visitors can tour the bakery, get a hands-on lesson in pretzel twisting and, of course, enjoy delicious treats.

For more enjoyment, the businesses of Lititiz host “Second Fridays” every month. On the second Friday of each month, shops, restaurants, and galleries on Main and Broad Streets stay open late. Musicians, entertainers, dancers and artists stroll the sidewalks and a festival atmosphere resonates through the air.

Discover for yourself why Lititiz was voted “American’s Coolest Small Town” in a 2013 online poll by Budget Travel. Up against 924 towns across America, Lititiz came away a winner—a tradition and crown the community still proudly carries today.